Not bad

Strips takes a twist on Monopoly and brings the modern New York City to the game. Just like in the classic board game, your objective here is to make as much money as possible, by buying properties and gaining a full strip.

You can put up properties for auction and try to outbid others. Players can also take part in trades and put up their properties for auction.

I was hoping to try out an exciting game but ended up quite disappointed by Strips.

There's no guidelines to the game and you're dropped into it without knowing what do. The graphics are also on the whole rather disappointing and often feel a bit pixelized.

To show some elements, like other players' properties, you usually have to keep your mouse clicked, which feels very uncomfortable.

With better graphics and a good guideline, Strips could be a fun variation on the Monopoly genre.

Control subway lines, networks, and real estate in eight Manhattan neighborhoods, including the Meatpacking District, SoHo, and Times Square.

Complete a strip by buying all the properties in a neighborhood, or owning all subway lines and networks. Develop completed strips with bars, restaurants, clubs, theatres, and hotels to bring in more cash flow.

Conduct high-stakes trades with your rivals. Bet everything on completing a strip, or gouge your fellow capitalists for the property they need.



Strips 1.0

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